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Everything you need to be prepared for your physical therapy appointment at BGPT

"Goldman said physical therapy isn’t just about exercising."

"It also entails educating the patient on their condition or post-surgical rehabilitation. I believe that once you get through the patient mind, the body will follow."

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We guarantee excellent care for all of our patients!
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Our physical therapy office accepts most major insurances, Worker's Compensation and No Fault claims. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please contact our office to verify your coverage.

Are you a new physical therapy patient?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my first physical therapy appointment?

In preparation for your first appointment, please make sure to bring in the following:

  • Physical Therapy prescription and/or referral
  • Any relevant MRI/X-Ray reports or medical paperwork
  • Your insurance card(s) and photo I.D.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill in any necessary paperwork. Or if you’d like, you can print our New Patient Intake Form and have this completed beforehand to save time when you arrive at the office.

What if my physical therapy appointment is related to an automobile accident or worker's compensation case?

If your appointment is related to an automobile accident or worker’s compensation claim, please have available your case manager or insurance adjuster contact names, phone number/email address and claim number.

What if I was receiving physical therapy treatments in another office?

If you were being treated elsewhere for Physical Therapy, please be sure to inform our front desk before your appointment so we may obtain information about your prior physical therapy treatment plans to ensure you are provided with the best care possible. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you are unable to keep your physical therapy appointment, kindly call the office to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. 

What should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?

It is recommended to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointments to ensure the therapist can properly evaluate and treat the injured area. For example, if your appointment is for a knee injury, be sure to wear shorts or loose fitting pants so our physical therapy team can examine and manipulate your knee efficiently. 


A guide for those who are new to the BGPT experience!

First Visit

Your health care provider has provided you with a referral or a prescription to receive physical therapy treatments. Upon your first visit at BGPT, our highly skilled clinical team will provide an initial assessment and evaluation. obtain your medical history, and any other testing required to fully understand your condition.

Treatment Plan

After we complete your initial evaluation, we work together to create an individualized plan of care to meet your specific rehabilitative needs. Whether you need to improve your flexibility, strength, endurance, or a combination, we will create a comprehensive rehabilitation program personalized for your needs.

Road to Recovery

At BGPT, we focus on total body care, injury prevention, and sports rehabilitation, ensuring you will have a safe and timely return to work, life, or sports. After we create your individualized treatment plan, we will then setup a schedule for your physical therapy sessions and begin working together to get you on the road to recovery!


Not only will our team of physical therapists provide you with one-on-one care in our office, but we will also teach you physical therapy exercises that you can do at home. We will adjust, restructure, and improve your physical therapy treatment plan over time to mirror your progress through the rehabilitation process. We are committed to help you heal!